What is nixcloud?

Nixcloud is a platform for Nix based projects and services.

Software Development! For individual solutions.

Nix, Go, JavaScript, C++, C, Java, Python, Perl, Qt, Node.js, Rust (cargo-deployment) and many more...

Looking for a demo? We created A tour of Nix, mainly making use of Emscription, LLVM, HTML5 and JavaScript.


Linux. Server, Desktop or Embedded.

NixOS, Debian, Android & Yocto - where we go, Linux will come.

We do embedded development on ARM and PowerPC64. Lately we made NixOS run on the Odroid XU4 platform.


Hosting. Taking care of servers.

We deployed Haskell-apps to EC2 lately and we use nixops to manage AWS, Hetzner or DigitalOceaninstances. We do web-hosting like WordPress, see kotalla.de but also traditional linux services like setup of email servers.


Open Source. We encourage sharing!

Consulting & Workflows

New to GIT? Planning to go open source but not sure which licenses to choose or how to work with online communities?
We will help you!


Customers. Companies and Partners we work with.

kotalla.de, grammofy.com, serokell.io, nlnet.nl, fractalide


We teach Nix-related technologies! Need help?

Nix, NixOS, nixpkgs, hydra or nixOps?

You want to start with Nix-related technologies as soon as possible but need a hand to get into it? We come to your place and give you a general introduction into Nix-related technologies. Just contact us and tell us what you plan to do. For the time being you can start with our A Tour of Nix to get into Nix-programming!

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Our vision is to spread Nix/NixOS in order to help others getting their jobs done - it is as simple as that!

Want to get in contact?

Just write an email to:

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